A huge thank you to the following people:

Our Team

AS-CC, Liza, Leon, Sophie & Taro

 The whole Paul Smith Team

Especially Matteo, Clivia, Jonathan & Roberta

 Children in Crisis

Joe, Koy, Helen & Katy


Edita & Nicolas

METRO Imaging

Kate, Steve, Simon, David, Tim & Alice

The Campaign for Drawing

Jan & Sue

Web and Email Support

Stuart and Adam at Fuse Design

Jez Thompson

TEDxClapham team

Alex Merry, Jenna Lee



Special Thanks:

To all the pencil contributors for their belief in this project.

Alan Aboud, Ben Cox, Chris Bedson, Claire Lawrence, Coco Fennel, Dave Pescod, Ed Reeve, Eddy Blake, Giorgia Parodi-Brown, James Lowther, James Smales, Lawrie Hammond, Leo Leigh, Lisa Comerford, Lucy Adams, Mark Champkins, Mark Pattenden, Nathan Gallagher, Peter Mann, Sutveer Kaur, Tom Skipp, Zoe Tomlinson

Our WAGs, friends, family & colleagues for the hours, days and years that we’ve talked about pencils. Thank you for your support and patience!