Most people within the creative industries have a strong associated with ‘the pencil’ and D&AD – not surprising as their yellow, black and white pencil awards are highly coveted.  So in the early days of the Secret Pencil project, we talked to them about our project and ever since we have been ‘in association’ with D&AD, a great power-house of reputation and creative history to endorse us, we couldn’t have asked for more.

Francesca Hotchin is a perfect example that the pencil lives on!  She won a D&AD Yellow Pencil Award in the ‘New Blood’ category in 2012. The illustration that won was hand drawn using white pencil crayon on black paper – have a look at it here

A comforting reassurance that not all new ‘young blood’ work is digital and that bodies such as D&AD still recognise the power and craft of hand drawing.